A horse escapes from the box in the hold, the 747 turns around

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Unusual : a Boeing cargo plane 747 ofAir Atlanta Icelandic bound for Belgium from New York was forced to return to the airport JFK last Thursday after a horse escaped from its stall, according to air traffic control audio, reports The New York Post.

Some 90 minutes after takeoff, the horse apparently escaped into the hold. And the flight crew then tried in vain to get him back into his box. The pilot then contacted air traffic control for clearance to land at JFK, while he was at 31,000 feet according to FlightRadar24. “We are a cargo plane with a live animal, a horse, on board. The horse managed to escape from his stall. It’s okay to fly, but we have to go back. to New York because we cannot secure the horse again”, explained the pilot, according to an audio recording posted on YouTube. The man is also heard asking for a veterinarian to be present upon landing to examine the equine. Twenty tons of fuel will be dumped over the Atlantic in order to secure the landing, which will take place without incident.

It is still unclear how the horse managed to escape, but it remained unrestrained until the plane landed at JFK. The flight was able to take off shortly after and successfully arrived at Liège airport on Friday morning, according to FlightRadar24.


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