A Frenchman killed in the bus accident which left 21 victims in Venice

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A bus fell from a bridge and caught fire in Mestre, the town at the entrance to Venice, yesterday night, Tuesday October 3. The accident occurred when the vehicle fell from a bridge and caught fire on the tracks of a local train; he was making his usual route between Venice and Marghera, a neighboring town.

According to Michele di Bari, the delegate of the Government of Venice, on information from the RAI television channel, among the 15 injured, eleven have been identified and there are a Frenchman, two Spaniards, four Ukrainians, a German, a Croatian and two Austrians.

According to a first hypothesis, it is possible that the driver, a 40-year-old Italian who also died, felt ill, since there was no sign of braking and the bus was traveling in a straight line before hitting the road. security barrier and falling into the void and catching fire, as the commander of the Venice municipal police, Marco Agostini, explained to the media.

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