A client sues his agency for interfering with his sexual well-being…

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Travel agencies are well placed to tell you the most incredible complaints from customers who have gone on vacation. A delayed plane, a missed transit, a badly maintained hotel swimming pool, scanty meals, a non-existent view of the sea… A German newspaper mentions a complaint that will make history!

The holidays are conducive to idleness. Far from the clichés of sex tourism, lovers take advantage of this moment of leisure outside the daily routine to put their couple back on the right track. The hotel bed therefore seems the perfect place for reconciliations and trying to please yourself and also your partner. As long as it is comfortable….

According to the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, a German client complained to his agency that during his two weeks in a hotel on the island of Menorca, he had not been able to have a satisfactory love experience because of two single beds. The floor was slippery and the two beds separated with each movement.

According to the client, the poor conditions for making love ruined the couple’s stay on vacation… this German tourist therefore sued the tour operator for not being able to fully enjoy his sex life in Menorca.

Request rejected!

Although the client argued that his experience and that of his partner had been affected, the Mönchengladbach District Court dismissed the claim, saying the dissatisfaction resulted from a lack of imagination.

“The client was aware of several known and common positions in the performance of intercourse which can be practiced in an individual bed and in a manner entirely satisfactory to all concerned,” the award said.

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