A Chinese airline to take over Air Belgium?

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Air Belgium announced this week that it would seek protection from its creditors. According to internal sources, the Chinese parent company Sichuan Airlines Group (more than 190 aircraft), which also includes Chengdu Airlines, has submitted a firm offer to invest in the Belgian airline.

The interest would lie in the time slots

The main interest of the Chinese group would essentially lie in Belgian time slots, of which Air Belgium has a large quantity. However, details on the amount and other aspects of the offer were not revealed.

51% of the capital would have to come from a European

In order to maintain the status and landing rights of the Belgian-European airline, it is crucial that 51% of the capital remains in European hands, particularly in the Walloon region of Belgium and with the participation of the Belgian federal government. As a reminder, 49% of the airline already belongs to the Chinese logistics company Hongyuan Group. To be continued!

As a reminder

Air Belgium ceased its passenger activities on October 3 and reportedly intends to continue only its freight and leasing activities. Out of a total of ten aircraft, six are dedicated to cargo operations

Around 20,000 tickets were canceled after October 3 and Air Belgium promised to do its best to compensate passengers. However, it remains to be seen whether the company has the necessary funds.

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