A Canadian transport plane comes into contact with a French A400M

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Two transport planes, one French and the other Canadian, made contact on the ground while they were on the American air base of Andersen, on the island of Guam. The damage is above all material, at the level of the rear of the aircraft’s tail fins. The incident appears minor and caused no injuries. The devices are deployed to Guam to participate in Exercise Mobility Guardian 23.


On July 21 at 10:30 a.m., a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CC-150 Polaris transport plane and an Air and Space Force A400M Atlas tactical transport plane “came into contact”. The incident occurred on the ground, at Andersen Air Force Base (Guam, United States, Mariana Islands). It is currently not possible to provide further details on the incident in question. A joint investigation, including American, Canadian and French personnel, is underway to determine the causes of this incident.

No major damage

While some suggested a real crash, the official announcements clearly show an incident and not a real collision;

  • Daniel Le Bouthillier, spokesperson for the Canadian Ministry of Defence, specified in particular: “There was no one on board the Canadian aircraft at the time of the incident and there was no loss to report.
  • THE Press release of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, published on July 25, also specifies that the Polaris, engines cut with no one on board, would have hung the Atlas and also confirms that no one was injured.

It would therefore be a problem with the gear used to push or pull the planes when the latter are on the ground with their engines cut.

Rear impact

The French press release specifies that the damage is located at the level of the elevator of the two transport planes. However, with an A400M equipped with a high elevator and a CC-150 equipped with a low elevator, the damage should be located at the level of the elevator of one of the two aircraft and on the rudder and/or on the vertical stabilizer of the other aircraft (example images below).

Be that as it may, the French and Canadian soldiers are analyzing the damage in order to best organize the repairs of the two transport planes.

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