A 100% female trip to the Canary Islands

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Itineraries for solo holidays: how to give yourself time, challenge yourself and regenerate yourself by discovering new corners of paradise in the Spanish archipelago.

A solo trip is above all a journey during which you set off to discover the most intimate parts of yourself, a journey far from the hustle and bustle of daily life to devote yourself to your passions, open your mind and fill her eyes with beauty. And what better destination than the Canary Islands to experience this introspection? The incredible landscapes, mild climate and postcard beaches with the Atlantic Ocean as a horizon are capable of offering wonderful moments even to travelers seeking tranquility. To each woman, her experience and her island…

Traveling is knowledge: experiences for culture lovers

To those who think that the archipelago is all about the sea and the sun, the islands respond by refuting all prejudices. Traveling to the Canaries means going back in time to discover bygone worlds. Among the monuments, archaeological sites, volcanic caves and botanical gardens, there are several UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites, including the ancient caves of Risco Caído and las Montañas Sagradas in Gran Canaria, as well as dedicated museums with the most diverse themes: the Wine and Honey Museum, the salt museums and the ethnographic museums.

Among the best-known museums is the Museum of Ibero-American Crafts in Tenerife. Located in La Orotava, in the former convent of San Benito Abad, it dates from the 17th century and preserves ancient structures, from the stone arch at the entrance to the cloister, from the wooden ceilings to the stone staircase. El Paso, in La Palma, is home to the famous Silk Museum, which continues the tradition of silk manufacturing. For a local experience, the museum includes the spinning workshop where you can learn the ropes of an almost extinct trade.

Traveling is tasting: experiences for foodies

The people of the Canary Islands identify with their cuisine as well as their ocean and majestic volcanic landscapes. Tourists who wish to discover the roots of the archipelago will certainly appreciate its culinary traditions with a unique and multicultural identity. Lunch or dinner by the sea in the company of the sea breeze, the sound of seagulls and the smell of freshly grilled fish is undoubtedly an experience not to be missed. Among the most typical fish in the gastronomy of the archipelago, we find the delicious “las viejas” (parrot fish) with white and delicate flesh. Another traditional dish is sancocho: salted fish served with potatoes, sweet potatoes and mojo, the famous olive oil sauce as well as peppers and various spices.

Traveling means surpassing your limits: extreme sports experiences for the most daring

Thanks to the variety of its landscapes, from volcanic peaks to windswept beaches, the archipelago is the ideal place to indulge in extreme outdoor sports. The extraordinary volcanic landscape of El Hierro offers the unforgettable experience of paragliding thanks to the constant trade winds, especially from the summit of Dos Hermanas, where one can launch from different heights for different skill levels .

For professionals and climbing enthusiasts, one of the main areas dedicated to sport climbing is in the Tamadaba Natural Park, in the north of Gran Canaria. There are around 400 climbing routes with a maximum length of 40 meters where you can experience the sensations that only vertical walls can provide, in the middle of an untouched landscape and a lush coniferous forest.

For cyclists visiting the archipelago, the Canaries offer a wide variety of mountain bike trails: mountain roads, forest trails, volcanic passes and adrenaline-pumping descents of all kinds. One of the most spectacular is in Tenerife: a route that, after a short stretch of road, continues on the forest track of Los Ovejeros, then begins the steep climb to the Observatory, at 2,300 meters above sea level.

Traveling is relaxing: experiences for wellness enthusiasts

The wild nature, the volcanic origins, the long days of light and the mild temperatures allow everyone who wants to spend quiet days to find their ideal destination in the islands. Different natural resources are available to wellness enthusiasts to find harmony and serenity.

From thalassotherapy to geotherapy or from vinotherapy to aloetherapy, everyone will appreciate these treatments. The latter, in particular, owes a lot to the precious qualities of Canarian aloe vera, the green gold of the archipelago. Rich in active ingredients, it provides health benefits known since Antiquity: the Sumerians, for example, used it for medicinal purposes as early as 5000 BC. It is today used for its topical, healing and protective properties against solar radiation and burns. As well as to reduce cholesterol and blood glucose levels, regulate blood pressure and protect the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the variant from the Spanish archipelago presents superior properties compared to varieties grown in other parts of the world, thanks to a higher concentration of aloin.

Traveling is finding beauty: experiences for lovers of secret places

Isolated, wild, with black sand: the archipelago hides virgin beaches of mystical beauty, ideal for those who wish to dive into the depths of the sea.

Located not far from the port of Agaete, inside a canyon, among cliffs and volcanic landscapes, Guayedra beach, in Gran Canaria, is characterized by the famous arm of the sea that divides the coastline, able to offer surprising sunsets.

La Cala de Tacorón, on the island of El Hierro, is a small cove on the sea of ​​Las Calmas, where the bluish hue of the sea mixes with the red of the lava land to create a wonderful ocher effect.

Nogales beach embodies the very essence of the island of La Palma between mountains, paths and lava landscapes. Located in the northern seaside resort of Puntallana, it is surrounded by wild nature and protected by the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic.

Finally, on the north coast of Fuerteventura, Esquinzo beach, protected by three large sand mountains sculpted by the wind, stands out for its volcanic blackness which mixes with the golden sand and the deep blue of the ocean.

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