95% of hotel searches in September are adults without children

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Hotels.com reveals that 95% of hotel searches made for a stay in September are adults without children1. DINKs (Double Income No kids) cite several reasons: cheaper prices (58%), fewer people (53%) and more peace and quiet (43%).2. More than three-quarters of adults surveyed want to awaken their inner child and say they travel at this time of year to be able to use all the amenities that children usually make their own like water slides and movie theaters (78 %).

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The advantages of love for two, and just for two

Beyond the month of September, over the last 12 months, 64% of DINKs have already considered booking in an “adult-only” hotel. Among the reasons for this choice, they want to spend quality time as a couple in a hotel where they will not encounter any children (40%), stay in an environment conducive to relaxation (35%) and not have to hear the children play all day (33%).

In September, DINKs take leave of an average duration of 8 days and favor urban and rather sunny destinations.3 :

  1. Paris
  2. Marrakesh
  3. Santorini
  4. Rome
  5. Barcelona
  6. Lisbon
  7. London
  8. new York
  9. Istanbul
  10. Marseille

An economic life project

DINKs are living in the moment: 56% admit they don’t have children or don’t yet have children because they appreciate having more income to spend on themselves. They also estimate that they manage to save on average nearly €4,500 per year. According to them, having children would be a hindrance to vacations and would not allow them to go away as much (59%). 44% even think that some people would postpone having children to be able to make the most of their holidays.

  • The English term DINKs (Double Income No kids) defines active couples (benefiting from 2 incomes) without children.
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    September 1, 2023 and September 1 and 30, 2023. Comparison between searches carried out by 2 adults without children
    and 2 adults with 1 child, 2 adults with 2 children and 2 adults with 3 children.
    2 Study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Hotels.com between August 21 and 25, 2023 among 1,000 French couples, without
    children and benefiting from 2 incomes (DINKs).
    3 Destinations most sought after by French people, 2 adults without children, on the Hotels.com website between January 1, 2023 and
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