90 years: Air France tells its legend with the Paris-Casablanca line (video)

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After celebrating 90 years of elegance in the heart of Paris, Air France continues to celebrate this exceptional event throughout the world, highlighting in recent days its service to Casablanca since its beginnings, thanks to a video.

The video with period images retraces the epic that the line represented Paris-Casablanca since the first beginnings of Air France 90 years ago. It started in Latécoère 28 (Laté 28), a single-engine aircraft capable of carrying 8 passengers. It then took 2 days of travel to connect Toulouse to Casablanca (via stopovers in Toulouse, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Malaga, Gibraltar, Rabat). Then Air France will successively operate the three-engine Wibault 283T (10 passengers, 4 stopovers in nearly 32 hours), the French airliner Dewoitin 338 in 1938 (33 hours of flight for 22 passengers), in 1946 the Douglas DC3in 1947 on Douglas DC4 which allows a non-stop connection (in 7h15 for 64 passengers), in 1962 the Lockheed Constellation (in 4h 10 for 62 passengers), in 1960 the Caravel, a twin-jet airliner designed by the French company Sud-Aviation which later became Aerospatiale (3h15 flight, 94 passengers), then in 1974 the Boeing 727 (2h30, 184 passengers), in 1977, the A300 (in 2h40, 292 passengers), in 1996 on B737 (in 2h50, 112 passengers), in 2001 the A320 (in 3 hours, 159 passengers).

Born from the merger of Air Orient, Air Union, Société Générale de Transports Aériens, Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aérien and Aéropostale, Air France was officially inaugurated on October 7, 1933. Since then, the company has not has continued to build its legend by spreading the art of French travel throughout the world. Today, Air France offers its customers nearly 1,000 flights per day to 200 destinations thanks to a fleet of more than 240 aircraft.

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