70 years of the Patrouille de France: the testimony of Colonel Jack Krine

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The 70th anniversary of the Patrouille de France is an opportunity to collect testimonies from former pilots. We start with Colonel Jack Krine: 20,000 flight hours on all types of aircraft, from the Blériot to the Rafale, a former PAF solo with 2,500 hours on Fouga Magister and 50 hours on AlphaJet.

What memories do you keep of your time at the PAF?

This is the first time I have done a “Bosnian” roll, at the edge of the flight envelope. It was also to land in Germany with the Red Arrows, we had more freedom, we knew how to take risks and control them.

What was your toughest moment?

This is my crash, in Saint-Dizier in Mystery IV, with an exploded reactor during the 40th anniversary of the Jaguar.

What developments do you see?

The current drivers of the PAF are more beautiful, with more panache, elegance and virtuosity but it is always a job of passion, you have to be exemplary, always, because you are not entitled to the error is group work.


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