7 drone attacks in Russia: at least one Il-76 transport plane destroyed

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On the night of August 29-30, numerous installations in Russia and Crimea were targeted by Ukrainian suicide drones. The extent of the destruction varies from a simple drone shot down in flight without causing damage on the ground to a completely destroyed strategic transport aircraft. If the Ukrainians have been using drones since the start of the Russian invasion, this would be the largest coordinated drone attack on Russian targets.

Pskov Airport

The military part of Pskov Airport (Pskov Oblast, Russia) hosts numerous Il-76 Candid strategic transport aircraft. Russian media confirm that four Il-76 aircraft were damaged (Reuters quoting Tass), as well as a Tu-22 Backfire bomber. The refueling area or kerosene stocks would also be destroyed. Available images confirm that several fires were visible from around the airport. Large flames also appear to confirm that fuel has caught fire. Finally, a video shot from the military part of the airport confirms that at least one Il-76 was destroyed in a fire. At the time of writing, it is not possible to confirm the state of the other Il-76s and the Tu-22.

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