An independent survey commissioned by Marriott International's SpringHill Suites all-suite hotel brand shows that despite the common perception that email and social media are...

An independent survey commissioned by Marriott International’s SpringHill Suites all-suite hotel brand shows that despite the common perception that email and social media are taking over people’s everyday lives, the majority of vacationing Americans take a break from these online activities to spend time with friends and family instead.

In addition, a quarter of traveling Americans agreed that the one daily routine they could not go without is prayer.

The online survey polled 1,000 consumers and was conducted by TNS, an independent research company, and commissioned by SpringHill Suites, Marriott International’s all-suite brand.

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Among the key findings of the survey were that:

● Americans unplug from smartphones on vacation: Only 17 per cent of Americans say they cannot go without checking email or a smartphone while on vacation;

● Social media usage is down while Americans take vacations: More than half of those surveyed who use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter regularly do not log on while on their personal getaways; and of those who are accessing social media on vacation, two in three use it only once or twice a week;

● Praying is a must for many vacationing Americans: Ranking highest on daily routines that Americans cannot go without is prayer, with more than one in four Americans saying they pray while on vacation. Prayer also gets Americans who fear flying through their pre-flight jitters, as nearly one-third of them pray to a higher power to calm their fears;

● Americans are happiest when traveling with spouses and significant others: The majority of those surveyed (67 per cent), when given the chance to travel with anyone, preferred traveling with their spouses, partners or significant others, and a near-majority (48 per cent) reported that their most enjoyable vacation ever was with their spouse, partner or significant other;

● Connecting with people is the top American travel priority: Nearly 60 per cent of Americans plan to take a vacation in the next year to reconnect with family, relatives and friends; and

● Parents enjoy vacationing with their kids: 75 per cent of the surveyed parents say they find vacationing more enjoyable when they have their kids along.

“SpringHill Suites offers stylish and fun space that allows guests to relax and explore. Our leisure guests often use our hotels as base for family visits, weddings and reunions,” says Marsha Scarbrough, vice president and global brand manager for SpringHill Suites. “With summer travel underway, this survey demonstrates positive attitudes of most American travelers to disconnect from work and the internet, reconnect personally with friends and create new and lasting experiences.”

The margin of error is plus or minus 3.1 percent. For more information and findings on the SpringHill Suites traveler attitude survey, visit SpringHill Suites’ website at

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