Each motorcycle-and-sidecar tour run by tour firm BrightSide is driven by an expert private guide, who shows the pillion-mounted and sidecar-seated sightseers the genuine...

Here’s a novel way to take a city tour: see it from the sidecar of a classic motorcycle.

Tour firm BrightSide is offering motorbike-and-sidecar tours of Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonia region of Spain and world-famous for its surreal architectural masterpieces designed by Anton Gaudi, its Las Ramblas pedestrian thoroughfare and its community-owned Barcelona soccer team, which plays at the giant, 95,000-seat Camp Nou stadium.

Each motorcycle-and-sidecar tour is driven by an expert private guide, who shows the pillion-mounted and sidecar-seated sightseers the genuine sounds, scents and beats of the city.

João Silva, the founder of BrightSide, is a former international marketing executive who decided to barter his ties for jeans and make the streets of Barcelona his office. “My job took me around the world and tourist guides have shown me great attractions, but it was my poor sense of direction that led me to the truly authentic nooks and crannies,” says Silva.

A Brightside tour on a classic motorcycle and sidecar passes the still-unfinished La Sagrada Familia, begun in 1882 and celebrated as architect Antonio Gaudi's most famous work. La Sagrada Familia is the most-visited attraction in Barcelona

Each tour journey aims to provide a fine balance between deciphering the city’s most famous attractions (such as Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s most-visited attraction), understanding the course of its history and exploring Barcelona’s authentic daily life, beyond the conventional tourist trails. Using high-tech communication devices, the private guide and the passengers cruise the city discussing Barcelona’s history, architecture, symbols and the lifestyle of its peoples.

BrightSide’s private guided tours on sidecar motorcycles  last from 1.5 to 8 hours. The tours follow ready-made routes but are always tailored to each traveler’s specific expectations. Day and night, the company’s vintage-styled sidecars explore Barcelona’s history: from the Roman Empire to the Barcelona Olympic Games, taking in the Middle Ages, the industrial revolution, El Modernisme Catalá and the Spanish Civil War.

BrightSide's motorcycle-and-sidecar tours take in the charming uptown districts of Barcelona on their extensive drives around the world-famous city

For more information and reservations, visit www.ridebrightside.com.

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