The new service – which represents a re-launch of a route OpenSkies operated in the past – will bring OpenSkies' schedule to three daily...

British Airways subsidiary OpenSkies will launch daily round-trip service between New York JFK and Paris Orly on March 31, 2013.

The new service – which actually represents a re-launch of a route OpenSkies operated in the past – will bring OpenSkies’ schedule to three daily services between New York and Paris Orly: two round-trips from Newark Liberty International Airport and one round-trip from New York JFK.

British Airways subsidiary OpenSkies, which operates transatlantic services from Paris Orly Airport with three Boeing 757-200s, announced on October 23, 2012 that it would begin New York JFK-Paris Orly scheduled service on March 31, 2013. In fact OpenSkies’ decision to operate the service represented a re-launch on the route: OpenSkies had previously operated the route but discontinued it. This photograph shows an OpenSkies Boeing 757 landing at New York JFK after completing a scheduled service from Paris Orly on October 27, 2008


When British Airways launched OpenSkies in 2008, its first route was Paris Orly-New York JFK. At that time OpenSkies – then an all-business class carrier – was in competition with French carrier Elysair (which did business under the name L’Avion), which operated all-business class services on the Paris Orly-Newark route.

Both carriers operated Boeing 757-200 single-aisle jets, OpenSkies with Rolls-Royce-powered aircraft and L’Avion with Pratt & Whitney-powered 757s. However, in 2009 British Airways bought Elysair and merged OpenSkies into it under Elysair’s operating certificate but retaining the OpenSkies name.

Over time OpenSkies, which had expanded its original service offering to include flights between New York and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and between Washington Dulles International Airport and Paris Orly, retrenched during the global downturn, until its only remaining route was between Paris Orly and Newark. OpenSkies still operates its Newark-Paris Orly schedule

The relaunched OpenSkies service from New York JFK will depart JFK at 9:00 p.m. and arrives at Paris Orly Airport (IATA code ORY) at 10:35 a.m. the following morning, local time.

Customers will have a choice of three cabins, recently introduced on the occasion OpenSkies’ fourth anniversary: Biz Bed, a cabin with 20 flat-bed seats; Prem Plus, a unique class, offering 28 leather seats with 130-degree recline and arranged in a 2×2 row configuration; and Eco, an economy cabin with 66 leather seats in 11 rows at 3×3 row configuration.

OpenSkies, a subsidiary of British Airways, operates non-stop flights with Boeing 757s between Paris Orly and Newark Liberty, and from March 31, 2013 between Paris Orly and New York JFK. The airline also has established a partnership with French national railway operator SNCF to provide its passengers with high-speed train links from Paris Orly to Lyons, Nantes and other destinations in France and Europe


All customers are offered a personal iPad loaded with more than 70 hours of entertainment, including movies, TV shows and games.

At New York JFK Terminal 7, customers traveling in Biz Bed cabin and Executive Club Gold and Silver card members will have access to the British Airways Galleries lounge. In addition, Biz Bed passengers can take advantage of pre-flight dining, allowing them to maximize their sleep on board.

OpenSkies is the only airline that flies to the Paris Orly West Terminal (commonly known as Orly Ouest) non-stop from the U.S. This terminal offers OpenSkies passengers closer proximity to the center of Paris than Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, as well as a more extensive choice of destinations, flights and connections within France.

The carrier’s passengers also usually experience a smoother journey through the airport, since the departure gates are located just past the security checkpoint. Premium passengers also have access to Iberia’s VIP lounge, which is spacious and has recently been refurbished.

With each OpenSkies flight, members of the British Airways Executive Club accumulate Avios points that can be converted into flight tickets or upgrades.

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