FedEx Express Orders Four More Boeing 767-300 Freighters

by Staff on December 19, 2012

FedEx Express, a wholly owned subsidiary of FedEx Corp., has placed a follow-on order for four 767-300 Freighters.

The order is part of FedEx’s initiative to modernize its fleet, according to Boeing, and adds to 42 Boeing 767-300 Freighter aircraft already ordered by the carrier.

FedEx Express placed a follow-on order on December 19, 2012 for four Boeing 767-300 Freighters to add to 42 already ordered. The order is part of FedEx’s initiative to modernize its fleet. Pictured here is a graphic image of the 767-300 Freighter in the FedEx Express livery


“These additional 767 orders will help accelerate our fleet modernization program as we replace our aging MD-10 freighter fleet,” says James Parker, FedEx Express executive vice president, air operations. “These new 767s will provide significantly improved reliability and are substantially more fuel-efficient than the aircraft they will replace. They will be an excellent addition to the FedEx fleet.”

The addition of the 767 Freighters will enable FedEx Express to replace its less efficient medium widebody cargo jets with freighters that provide fuel, maintenance and other cost savings.

According to Boeing, the freighters also increase efficiency by sharing spare parts, tooling and flight simulators with the Boeing 757s that are part of the FedEx air fleet.

“The 767 Freighter is an ideal fit for FedEx Express,” says Brad McMullen, vice president of North America sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “It will provide a more efficient freighter for FedEx Express’s fleet modernization efforts and help align its network with anticipated cargo volumes.”

Boeing’s 767 Freighter is based on the Boeing 767-300ER passenger aircraft. Able to carry approximately 58 tons (52.7 tonnes) of revenue cargo with intercontinental range, the 767-300 Freighter is suitable for developing new long-haul, regional or feeder markets.

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