WestJet has converted the conditional order it placed on June 28 for up to 45 Q400 NextGen airliners to a firm purchase agreement. The...

WestJet has converted the conditional order it placed on June 28 for up to 45 Q400 NextGen airliners to a firm purchase agreement.

The deal includes a firm order for 20 Bombardier Q400 NextGen turboprop regional airliners and options on an additional 25 of the aircraft. WestJet’s original letter of intent to acquire these aircraft was announced on May 1.

According to Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, the Q400 NextGen turboprop is particularly suited to operations in the robust Canadian and U.S. landscape, where temperatures and climatic conditions can display extreme variation, sometimes within a short period of time

As previously announced, based on the list price for the Q400 NextGen, Bombardier values the firm order at approximately US$683 million. This could increase to approximately US$1.59 billion if WestJet converts its 25 options to firm orders.

“We are very pleased that our negotiations with Bombardier have led to the finalization of this purchase agreement,” says Gregg Saretsky, president and chief executive officer of WestJet. “We now look forward to fine-tuning our plan to launch our new regional airline in the second half of 2013.”

Adds Saretsky: “We have every confidence that the Bombardier Q400 NextGen airliner is the perfect aircraft for our new venture. It is an aircraft that will serve WestJet and our guests extremely well and we look forward to bringing low fares and our remarkable guest experience delivered by our WestJetters to many new communities.”

WestJet solidified its expected order for Bombardier Q400 NextGen turboprops on August 1, 2012, when the Calgary-based airline turned its previous conditional order for 20 aircraft into a firm order and took options on 25 more

Mike Arcamone, president of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, notes: “WestJet will be the fifth operator and fourth airline in Canada to put our Q400 aircraft into service, joining approximately 40 other operators around the world who enjoy its operating economics and flexibility, speed, passenger comfort and impressive environmental credentials. The Q400 aircraft is deployed in a variety of markets ranging from typical short-haul turboprop markets to longer-haul jet replacement opportunities.”

Including the purchase agreement announced on August 1, Bombardier has booked firm orders for 454 Q400 and Q400 NextGen airliners.

Already-delivered aircraft are in service with approximately 40 operators in 30 countries, on six continents. These aircraft have transported more than 227 million passengers and have logged more than 3.5 million flight hours and over 3.8 million take-offs and landings.