Silver Airways Corp unveils its new brand and logo at a launch event in Fort Lauderdale on the afternoon of December 15. The new...

VPAA Co., which does business as Gulfstream International Airlines, has changed its name and brand to Silver Airways Corp.

Silver Airways Corp unveils its new brand and logo at a launch event in Fort Lauderdale on the afternoon of December 15. The new name and branding become effective immediately, as Silver Airways welcomes the first of six recently purchased Saab 340Bplus turboprops to its fleet.

The aircraft, which will be deployed along the carrier’s Florida-Bahamas routes, will feature the new Silver Airways logo and a completely re-designed livery.

This computer graphic image shows how Silver Airways' Saab 340Bplus turboprops will look in the carrier's new livery and branding. VPAA Co. dba/Gulfstream International Airlines, owned by Victory Park Capital since May 2011 when it bought selected assets of Gulfstream International Airlines after the carrier had filed for bankruptcy in November 2010, renamed itself Silver Airways on December 15, 2011

Silver Airways says it has adopted the new name, along with a distinctive new logotype, to exemplify the airline’s growth potential, as well as an unwavering commitment to providing highly professional, safe and efficient operations.

Developed in conjunction with Aerobrand, a New York/Miami-based brand strategy and design firm exclusively focused on the world of airlines and aerospace, the new Silver Airways brand is designed to espouse core values of professionalism, quality, vibrancy and trust, while also highlighting the benefits of turboprop aircraft.

VPAA Co. dba/Gulfstream International Airlines was founded in May 2011 when Victory Park Capital, a Chicago-based investment firm, acquired select assets from the former Gulfstream International Airlines, which filed for bankruptcy in November 2010.  Silver Airways continues the evolution of the carrier under Victory Park.

“Starting in May, we hit the ground running with a mandate to transform this airline from top to bottom,” says Darrell Richardson, CEO of Silver Airways. “Our goal: to create the dream airline – one that’s financially sound, safe and professional, but also fun to fly and a great place to work.  Adopting the Silver Airways brand is the latest step.”

The new Silver Airways logotype is derived from the spinning propeller blades of a turboprop engine like those found on the Saab 340Bplus and Beech 1900D aircraft that comprise the Silver Airways fleet.

Facts and statistics touting the exceptional fuel efficiency of turboprops when compared with jet aircraft are also prominently displayed on bright, fuchsia-colored engines aboard each Silver Airways aircraft, with messages plainly visible from inside the cabin.

“The notion of encouraging our passengers to embrace the turboprop as a preferred aircraft type was very important in the development of our new brand,” adds Richardson. “People are often surprised to learn how fuel efficient, quiet, comfortable and reliable modern turboprops like the Saab 340 really are.  Turboprops are our lifeblood, so the more we can get passengers to love them, the more they’ll love flying with us.”

According to the carrier, the use of metallic silver and dark grey in the Silver Airways color scheme is designed to evoke grace and professionalism, while the deep fuchsia is meant to speak to the brand’s vibrancy and dynamic growth potential.

The six Saab 340Bplus turboprops will be integrated into the Silver Airways fleet between now and July 2012. Each aircraft will be subject to a period of inspection and certification under U.S. and Bahamian aviation regulations to ensure full compliance with all safety and operational requirements prior to initiating scheduled passenger service.

In-service dates for the new aircraft type will be announced upon receipt of regulatory approvals.  Once cleared, the aircraft will be deployed on the carrier’s Florida-Bahamas routes.

Silver Airways Corp. (IATA flight prefix 3M) is a U.S. airline operating 100-plus daily scheduled flights to and from 29 gateways in Florida, The Bahamas, Montana, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The airline is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale and operates principally under a codeshare and alliance agreement with United Airlines and Copa Airlines. Silver Airways’ fleet is comprised of 21 Beech 1900D turboprops (each seating a maximum of 19 passengers), with the six 34-seat Saab 340Bplus aircraft soon joining the fleet.

For reservations and more information on Silver Airways, call 1-800-231-0856.