Boeing will begin the fourth segment of its six-month 787 Dream Tour on March 1, with visits to cities in the United States, Canada...

Boeing will begin the fourth segment of its six-month 787 Dream Tour on March 1, with visits to cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

In addition, the Dream Tour aircraft, the flight-test Boeing 787-8 designated ZA003 by Boeing, will be featured at the FIDAE Air Show in Chile’s capital Santiago  in late March to begin the fifth segment of the tour.

“During the first three segments of the tour, we’ve had almost 25,000 visitors come through the airplane,” said Scott Fancher, vice president and general manager of the 787 program. “Our customers, partners, employees and the finance and leasing communities have all expressed their delight with the airplane.”

The Boeing 787-8 used to perform a six-month world tour to show the type to customers and suppliers touches down at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport on February 9, 2012 after a 7,679-mile non-stop flight from Seattle

The March schedule for the Boeing 787 Dream Tour includes the following stops:

● March 1-4: Toronto, Canada, to visit Air Canada and local suppliers;

● March 4: Boston, in support of Japan Airlines, which has announced that it will offer 787 service on the Tokyo-Boston route;

● March 5-7: Newark, New Jersey, to visit United Airlines and its local stakeholders;

● March 8-9: Mexico City, Mexico, to visit AeroMexico;

● March 10-12: Phoenix, Arizona, to visit Honeywell, other suppliers and Boeing employees;

● March 13: San Diego, to visit Goodrich and other suppliers;

● March 14-15: Long Beach, California, to visit leasing companies, Boeing employees and suppliers; and

● March 15-17: Salt Lake City, Utah, to visit Boeing employees and suppliers.

The Dream Tour aircraft is outfitted with production-787 cabin features, including a welcoming entryway, dramatically larger and dimmable windows, bigger bins and dynamic LED lighting. The airplane is configured with a business-class cabin, an overhead crew rest compartment and an economy class section.

Dates and locations for additional tour stops will be announced approximately one month in advance.

For updates on the 787 Dream Tour, including videos, photos and reports from the tour stops, visit

  • TWA Kid

    February 23, 2012 #1 Author

    It really seems an oversight not to visit ITO for its standard 08 approach, OGG & HNL for their huge percentage of Trans Pacific flights. Perfect exposure for a customer oriented airline flying their customer oriented Boeing 787 to/from Paradise. If they are smart they can repeat what United did, and WHY, when UAL wrested Hawaii routes away from Pan American post WW II. Advanced technology baby.


    • Chris Kjelgaard

      February 23, 2012 #2 Author

      Do you mean Hawaiian Airlines, as the “customer oriented airline … flying to/from Paradise”? If so, Hawaiian Airlines has already ordered Airbus A330-200s and A350 XWBs rather than Boeing 787s.

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