Embraer has delivered its 800th E-Jet, an Embraer 190 ordered by CDB Leasing Co., Ltd. for lease to China Southern Air Holding Xinjiang Company,...

Embraer has delivered its 800th E-Jet, an Embraer 190 ordered by CDB Leasing Co., Ltd. (CLC) for lease to China Southern Air Holding Xinjiang Company, a subsidiary of China Southern Airlines.

The 800th-delivery milestone was attained less than one year after the 700th E-Jet was delivered in November 2010. Embraer marked the 800th delivery with a ceremony on September 20 at the company’s headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil, attended by representatives of the aircraft’s customer CLC and China Southern Air Holding Xinjiang Company.

CLC’s latest aircraft is the third Embraer 190 to be operated by China Southern Airlines. It will join the airline’s Embraer 190 fleet in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. China Southern Air Holding Xinjiang Company’s fleet is expected to reach seven Embraer 190s by the end of this year and CLC has ordered and optioned up to 30 for the airline.

This Embraer 190, the 800th E-Jet to be delivered, was handed over to customer CDB Leasing Co., Ltd. on September 20, 2011. CDB Leasing ordered this and up to 29 other Embraer 190s for operation by China Southern Airlines subsidiary China Southern Air Holding Xinjiang Company. The aircraft wears special titles (which include a Giant Panda logo) to indicate its milestone-delivery status

China Southern Air Holding Xinjiang Company plans to use its Embraer 190 fleet to launch both domestic and international routes, including regional routes inside Xinjiang region, several hot-temperature routes eastbound from Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi, and  international routes to neighboring countries. The carrier aims to expand its network and increase its market share by building a hub-and-spoke network at Urumqi with convenient, high-frequency schedules.

“The 800th E-Jet delivery marks a significant milestone for Embraer. The mark was achieved about seven years after the first E-Jets entered revenue service in 2004, which eloquently proves the success of the E-Jets program in the worldwide commercial aviation market,” says Paulo César de Souza e Silva, president of Embraer Commercial Aviation.

“Moreover, we are especially proud that CDB Leasing Co., Ltd., one of China’s leading industrial players, and China Southern Airlines, an internationally renowned airline, contribute to this historical success by taking delivery of this aircraft,” adds de Souza e Silva.

“Within just a few years, the E-Jets family has achieved worldwide success, which demonstrates the fact that E-Jets satisfy airline market demands,” says Xu Shide, General Manager of CLC’s Aviation Business Department. “We believe, with China Southern Airlines’ expertise in the aviation industry, the E-Jets will play an important role in boosting air transport development in the Xinjiang region.”

The Embraer 190 is the third of four members in the Embraer E-Jets family. To date, more than 40 Embraer 190s have been delivered to the Chinese market since the jet’s entry into the market in 2008. The E-Jets family has registered firm orders for more than 1,000 aircraft and now 800 aircraft are in operation by 60 airlines in 40 countries worldwide.

Embraer says airlines use its E-Jets to right-size their fleets, to replace older and inefficient aircraft, and to develop new markets with lower operating costs.

China Southern Airlines is the largest airline in Asia and claims to be the fourth-largest in the world in terms of traffic volume.