The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has landed at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia, marking the type's first visit to an airport serving Washington,...

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has landed at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia, marking the type’s first visit to an airport serving Washington, DC.

The Boeing 787 landed at an airport serving Washington, DC for the first time on May 7, 2012. Boeing's 787 demonstrator ZA003 visited Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport as part of the six-month world Dream Tour that the manufacturer scheduled for the aircraft. With the Washington Monument in the background, the 787 is seen here on final after following the winding "river approach" down the course of the Potomac River to Reagan National. The sharply curving approach ensures that aircraft do not pass directly over the White House, as they otherwise would on a long, straight-in approach to Reagan National from the north

Washington Reagan National Airport was the latest destination on the six-month global Dream Tour of Boeing’s 787 demonstrator, which Boeing designated ZA003 and was the third Boeing 787-8 to take part in the flight-test program for 787 certification.

For the next four days, guests invited by Boeing will tour the Boeing 787-8 to see the type’s passenger-cabin features. These include a welcoming entryway, dramatically larger and dimmable widows, bigger overhead bins and dynamic LED lighting.

Eleven days previously, on April 27, the first Boeing 787 to be assembled in South Carolina rolled out of final assembly, being welcomed by a crowd of nearly 7,000 Boeing employees and invited guests.

Boeing rolled out the first 787 from its second 787 assembly line in North Charleston, South Carolina on April 27, 2012, in a cermeony at which nearly 7,000 Boeing employees and invited guests were present. The aircraft was slated for delivery to Air India

The roll-out of the first 787 – an aircraft for Air India – at Boeing’s North Charleston assembly line marked the first time that a Boeing commercial aircraft had been produced in the Southeastern United States.

Boeing announced that it had selected North Charleston, South Carolina as the location for the second Boeing 787 final assembly line on October 28, 2009, and broke ground on the site in November of that year.

The South Carolina final assembly facility was completed in June 2011, and production began later that same month.

Boeing South Carolina also has responsibility for fabrication, integration and assembly of the 787’s mid-body and aft-body fuselage sections.

Once complete, the fuselage sections are either delivered to the South Carolina final assembly facility, or transported by the much-modified Boeing 747-400LCF Dreamlifter to final assembly at Boeing’s original 787 line in Everett, Washington. All of Boeing’s assembly lines for other widebody aircraft types are also at Everett.