Boeing has completed assembling an American Airlines 737-800 which will be used as a flying test bed for environmentally progressive technologies. This 'ecoDemonstrator' jet...

Boeing has completed assembly of an American Airlines 737-800 which will be used as a flying test bed for validating environmentally progressive technologies.

The American Airlines Boeing 737-800 in question, known as the ecoDemonstrator, is being outfitted with advanced technologies and test equipment before it begins a month of intense flight-testing in Montana.

The 2012 ecoDemonstrator program is a partnership between Boeing, American Airlines, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Boeing used the opportunity of the Farnborough International Airshow 2012 to announce the roll-out of the ecoDemonstrator test aircraft.

The American Airlines Boeing 737-800 ecoDemonstrator rolls out of the paint hangar at Boeing Field in preparation for installation of environmentally progressive technologies. After the installation of these innovative technologies, the ecoDemonstrator would head to Montana for a month of intense flight testing

“The goal of the ecoDemonstrator program is to accelerate integration of these technologies for more fuel efficient, quieter, cleaner, more advanced sustainable material solutions for the future,” says Jeanne Yu, Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ director of environmental performance.

“Demonstration programs give us a platform for better learning about new technologies in application.  This helps us incorporate these technologies more rapidly,” adds Yu.

American Airlines is loaning the new 737-800 to Boeing for three months to serve as the test bed for these advanced technologies. Each technology being fitted on the aircraft for testing has the goal of reducing fuel consumption, lowering noise, and testing the viability of sustainable materials.

After testing, the 737-800 will be returned to standard configuration and delivered later this year.

Technologies on the 2012 ecoDemonstrator aircraft will include improvements to wing and engine efficiency as well as fuel-saving flight trajectory methods.

“At American, we are committed to investing in or participating in pilot programs to test new equipment, develop alternative fuels and partner with like-minded companies, such as Boeing, to support promising developments that help reduce our carbon footprint,” says David Campbell, vice president of safety, security and environmental for American Airlines.

“The ecoDemonstrator is a critical milestone in helping to advance technologies that can help us fly more sustainably with future airplanes,” adds Campbell.

The 2012 ecoDemonstrator is part of a multi-year program. In 2013, a widebody aircraft will serve as the test bed.  Details of the technologies are available in a fact sheet at; once at the page, click on “Backgrounders”.

The FAA is participating in the 2012 and 2013 programs, providing funding for two of the technologies and sharing in the flight-test costs. The funding for the flight tests is provided through the FAA’s Continuous Lower Energy Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) program.